ADMISSION 2019/2020

Candidates for the 2019/2020 Academic Year (information coming soon)


  • if the application be held at the University of Beira Interior, the delivery of documents is done by uploading them online at the address provided for that purpose


Documents required:

(i) Updated and detailed Curriculum vitae;

(ii) Diplomas and/or certificates held by the applicant. Documents should display course units, workload, grade per course unit and final average grade. Candidates are requested to send the original version, or certified copy of their diplomas/certificates;

(iii) Copy of Passport or ID card;

(iv) Letter justifying the interest in the doctoral program;

(v) The candidates must have a good knowledge of English in general and oral and written comprehension in particular. They can prove it by providing an adequate English language certificates or by signing a written declaration. The applicants who do not guarantee this condition can be excluded from the Doctoral Program;

(vi) Letter(s) of recommendation (optional);

(vii) Complete list of the documentation submitted.