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The Department of Management and Economics of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Beira Interior, located in Covilhã, Portugal, was invited to organize the 23rd Annual Congress of ASEPELT - International Association of Applied Economy, to be held between the 17th and the 20th of June 2009 in this Faculty.

The Association ASEPELT, whose name arises from the Associacion Européenne pour l’Economie Apliquée à la Prévision à Long Term, is a non-profit institution that joins applied economic researchers, professors and professionals, as well as the institutions interested in the scientific work or its promotion.

This Scientific Association has the aim of “organizing, promoting and improving original scientific works in the area of Applied Economy, with the idea of contributing, in a positive way, to its improvement and development, as a meeting point of different methodological traditions concerning Economic Science, which shares the preoccupations about real problems and the search of the best solutions".

The International ASEPELT Congress is considered a reference since more than two decades, with its historical of 22 Annual Congresses held in Spain. It is a meeting opportunity for researchers in the field of Applied Economics and a place for debate and discussion of scientific research done by economic experts.

The Congress consists of plenary conferences and parallel sessions. These last will be organized in 16 thematic areas in which will be presented papers, communications and articles, these articles being selected by the referees among the best communications presented, which, usually reach several hundreds.

University of Beira Interior

The University of Beira Interior is located in the town of Covilhã, in the inner centre of Portugal, very close to Spain (near the provinces of Caceres and Salamanca).

The University of Beira Interior, created 23 years ago, is actually divided in 5 Faculties – Social Sciences and Humanities, Medicine, Exact Sciences, Arts and Literature and Engineering – offering more than 30 different graduation's degrees, around 40 master’s degrees and some dozens of PhD’s, to about 6.000 students, which come from this region, from the rest of the country and also from the countries that speak the Portuguese language, namely Angola and Brazil and other EU countries with whom, the university has Erasmus and other agreements.

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, where the Annual Congress is going to be held, is composed by the Departments of Management and Economics, Sociology, Sports Science and Psychology and Education Sciences. It has around 1.500 students divided by 7 graduations, 7 master’s degrees, and 7 PhD’s degrees.


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